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Katarina Fast Lappalainen

Katarina Fast Lappalainen

Title: Senior Lecturer in Law and Information Technology
Telephone: + 46 768 882 602
E-mail: Katarina.Fast@juridicum.su.se


Katarina Fast Lappalainen, LL.D. and senior lecturer in Law & Information Technology (ITC) and jurisprudence at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. Katarina has a background in public law and is a former tax lawyer. She has published in various fields such as EU law, public law, tax law and human rights law. She is particularly interested in e-governance and fundamental rights issues related to ITC. Together with Christine Storr and Claes Granmar, she was a co-editor of the anthology, “AI and Fundamental Rights” (2019). At present, Katarina is working in a project concerning health data led by Professor Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg and Professor Uno Fors, Stockholm University.

Katarina is a teacher in the undergraduate course on Law and Information Technology at Stockholm university as well as the advanced, optional courses Law and Information Communication Technology and Cyber Law. She is also a supervisor for students completing their master’s thesis in Law and Technology.

Together with Stanley Greenstein, senior lecturer in Law and Infromation Technology at Stockholm University, Katarina has received a grant to work on a pedagogical project, “Maintain My Mystery”, regarding a computer game on GDPR for students. The project starts in 2021.

Katarina also has a great interest in Cyber Security issues and has coached the winning team of the Cyber Challenge in Stockholm 2019. She also leads a Cyber Challenge activity for students at the course in Cyber Law.


A list of Katarina’s publications can be found at https://www.su.se/english/profiles/kafa5049-1.185360