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Mårten Edenroth

Mårten Edenroth

Title: Doctoral Candidate in Law and Information Technology
Telephone: +46 8 16 32 05
E-mail: marten.edenroth@juridicum.su.se


Mårten Ogilwie Edenroth has for many years been active in the Nordic market as a leading expert in matters relating to audit and verification of information. He has worked i.a. as strategic advisor to banks and insurance companies and has taken part in steering groups for relevant projects in the market. After finalizing his LL.M. degree he has alternately worked in various law firms and in the IT industry.

Doctoral Project

Information Verification
The research project intends from a legal perspective to concretize a “weak link” in the information society, namely information verification, and what this means for the development of trust for the information society. The need for information verification is the main hypothesis that the project intends to examine. More specifically, the project will identify the adverse effects attributable to the lack of information verification and manage related legal challenges. The emphasis will be on society’s fundamental need for accurate and reliable information. Key parameters that will be considered are the reliance on ICT and the vulnerabilities associated with it. Other legal challenges to be addressed include ownership, responsibility and evidence related issues in connection with information, errors or omissions. The project aim is to generate a legal framework proposal for information verification.