The XXXI Nordic Conference on Law & IT / Introduction

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The XXXI Nordic Conference on Law & IT

The XXXI Nordic Conference on Law & IT – e-Stockholm ’16 – is organised by the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute in cooperation with Stiftelsen för rättsinformation and The Swedish Society for IT and Law. The Conference will be held on November 10-11, 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden and the theme is “Secure Digitalisation”.

The Conference is divided into blocks. Each block addresses a number of acute questions for the legal domain:

1. Strategies for increased security: There are at least three approaches to enhancing security in relation to digitalisation. Legal remedies (e.g. data protection regulations), technical measures (e.g. encryption and robust system design) and state control and coercion (e.g. surveillance). Although there are no strict borders, these approaches stem from different cultures (legal, technical, military). They also cultivate traditions and reflect various assumptions. Sometimes means and objectives clash and silo thinking prevails. What kind of knowledge exists and how can it be integrated?

2. Compliance and verification: Efforts to create increased security should be operative, but how do we know the extent to which they are effective? What kinds of remedies are motivated in different situations and what signifies appropriate combinations of mechanisms for security?

3. Privacy and surveillance: Increased security is often used as an argument for extended surveillance but the latter may also result in a society in which individuals are continuously monitored and thus new dangers emerge. What is a reasonable balance and how can it be achieved?

4. The Future: Is secure digitalisation a responsibility for the national legislator and public authorities or must rational efforts be based on international cooperation? What are the roles of jurisprudential and technical research, and to what extent is it necessary or recommendable to adjust the legal education?

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