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IRI co-operates with a large number of organisations, nationally, regionally and on a global level. Collaborations take many forms and range from ad hoc alliances to long term engagements. Consortiums comprising research organisations, universities and commercial companies are often set up for specific research projects and/or educational activities but joint efforts can also be based on individual contacts between co-workers and researchers with different affiliations.  An important presupposition is membership in international associations and  networks, such as The Global Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centers.

On a regional level, research institutes in the Nordic counties have been arranging conferences in Law and IT on a yearly basis since the beginning of the 1980s and IRI was one of the initiators when The Swedish Association for IT and Law was formed in 1981.

IRI is one of the initiators and the original head of The Trust for Legal Information, operating since 1988 and comprising some twenty principal organisations and public authorities in the legal domain. IRI is also a founding partner of AI Innovation of Sweden – a national initiative to accelerate research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, officially launched in 2019.

IRI enter formal agreements on cooperation with universities and other organisations. Please contact the Director for further information.