IRIS2018: Data Protection/Legal Tech, Feb 22-24, 2018

The  International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS)  will take place at the Law Faculty of the University of Salzburg on February 22-24, 2018.

Already being in its 21th year, IRIS has been established as the largest and most important academic conference on computers and law in Austria and Central Europe. The leading topics of IRIS2018 are: Data Protection / Legal Tech

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The XXXII Nordic Conference on Law and IT, Nov 13-15, 2017

The NRCCL (Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law) is hosting the XXXII Nordic Conference on Law and IT. This year’s theme is “Data Sharing and the Data Economy: Aspirations and Legal Realities”.

When and where: November 13-15, 2017, Oslo, Norway.

The goal of the conference is to examine aspects of European regulatory policy that critically impact upon data sharing and data economy initiatives. In particular, the conference seeks to cast light on the extent to which these initiatives are supported by the European legal framework. This is an essential step along the path to improving, if necessary, the fit between the law on the one hand and the ideals of data sharing and data economy on the other.

More information and program: http://www.jus.uio.no/ifp/om/organisasjon/seri/arrangementer/2017/nordisk-konferanse-i-rettsinformatikk.html


Forum för Dataskydd – Nordic Privacy Arena 2017

October 23-24 2017, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

The theme for Nordic Privacy Arena 2017 is emerging technologies. Some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields explore the privacy aspects of today’s biggest tech trends – artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data policing, smart cities, cybersecurity strategies, consumer expectations and challenges for legislators, law enforcement agencies and data protection authorities. Startups, big multinationals and everything between from sectors such as finance, healthcare, media and consumer electronics will talk about data protection and transparency and about how they prepare for GDPR.

Source: Forum för Dataskydd – Nordic Privacy Arena 2017


Conference: Law in the Digital Era, University of Lapland, Dec 10-12, 2017

Digitalization and digital technologies are increasingly driving towards revolutionary changes in the innovation system, affecting industries, universities and public institutions. Big data, 3D printing, software and AI technologies are pushing corporations towards adapting or newly creating business models to cope with the digital disruption. The problem is certainly not only technological or economic but also legal. Indeed, the regulatory framework needs to be shaped in such way that it provides with a fertile and healthy soil for these technological innovations to grow. This conference brings together experts from the academia, industry, as well as policy makers in a joint effort to raise awareness and propose solutions to some of the key legal disruptions that digitalization is causing in the fields of intellectual property law, contract law and ICT law.

Date: 10-12 December 2017
University of Lapland

Source: Conference: Law in the Digital Era – Lapin yliopisto – University of Lapland – Lapplands universitet


BD2017: Biographical Data in a Digital World Conference Series, Nov 6-7, 2017

Conference: November 6-7, 2017
Deadline for call for papers: July 20, 2017

Following the inaugural conference held in Amsterdam in 2015 (BD2015), this year’s BD2017 aims to continue the discussion on the multidisciplinary investigation of biographical data.

Over two days, this conference will bring together international researchers of diverse backgrounds and experiences to facilitate knowledge exchange and innovation.

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