Activities / Education



IRI is nationally and internationally engaged in many educational activities directed towards lawyers, system developers and students.

Undergraduate Level

Law and Information Technology studies are included in the Law Programme at the Department of Law at Stockholm University. During the first semester ICT-based legal tools are introduced. In later terms, the students are obliged to study law in the digital society (“Rättsinformatik”). Topics covered include jurisdictional issues, information security, privacy and data protection within the environment of both e-government and e-business etc. In addition, optional specialised courses are offered on an advanced level within the programme. Students can also write their graduate theses in Law and Information Technology.

Postgraduate Level

Beginning 1999 a one-year Masters Programme in Law and Information Technology has attracted lawyers from all over the world. The programme includes courses ranging from traditional ICT Law to Development and Management of Information Systems in a Legal Perspective. The students are required to pass written examinations and produce theses. Seminars, practical assignments, weekly discussions and so called “in real life experiences” aim at providing the students with skills necessary for their future work as either practitioners or researchers.

Masters programmes are announced at the  Department of Law’s web site. Please note that there is no admission to the Masters Programme in Law and Information Technology in the near future.

Doctoral Level

The professors of IRI supervise doctoral students and Law and Information Technology is acknowledged as a topic for education of researchers at Stockholm University. Both methodological and substantial issues relating to IT and law can be addressed. Doctoral studies at the department of law consist of four years of full-time studies and the projects can be either financed through an employment contract with the Department of law or by external funding. Read more about the preconditions and general information.

External Courses

IRI’s co-workers are involved in external courses e.g. at the Faculty Courses Foundation, the Swedish Police Academy, King’s College in London, the Department of Computer and System Science (DSV) and the Department of History (records management) at Stockholm University. Seminars, lectures and courses on designated topics are given on a regular basis and on request. Please contact the Institute for further information.