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Maksymilian Kuźmicz

Maksymilian Kuźmicz

Title: Doctoral Candidate in Law and Information Technology
Telephone: + 46
E-mail: Maksymilian.Kuzmicz@juridicum.su.se


Maksymilian obtained a BA in Law and Philosophy (summa cum laude) from the College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at the KU Lublin. During both his BA and MA, he spent a total of three semesters at KU Leuven as an exchange student. He completed his education with an MA in Law from KU Lublin (summa cum laude). Since September 2020 Maksymilian has been working as a member of the RESHUFFLE project at the Institute for European Law at KU Leuven, (under the direction of Prof. dr. Elise Muir, a position supported by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council). In May 2021 he joined the visuAAL Innovative Training Network as a PhD student at Stockholm University.

Maksymilian is working on the project “Video-based AAL technologies and balancing of interests”. The aim of this project is to present a set of possible methods to balance conflicts of interest in the context of lifelogging and video-based AAL, and to evaluate them from the perspective of ethics and principles of law, especially fundamental rights. In order to achieve this goal, four steps will be taken. In the first step, the values and goals common to all stakeholders will be identified, as well as clashing interests. As there are different visions of such systems and different opinions on how to achieve them, there are multiple conflicts of interest, which will be methodically presented. It will be followed by identifying 3-4 of the most crucial conflicts of interest between stakeholders, and legal issues connected with those conflicts. In the third step, possible legal and technological solutions to those conflict situations will be presented. This enables the development of methods or strategies to deal with the task of balancing interests. Each system will be evaluated from an economic, technological, legal and ethical point of view.  Legal criteria will be based on compliance with the main principles of law and the most important acts of human rights protection (European Convention on Human Rights and Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union) and data protection (GDPR). This multifaceted evaluation of possible methods of balancing conflicts of interest, along with recommendations for new legislation, and a suggestion for the level at which particular issues shall be regulated (EU Regulation or Directive, international convention) will conclude the research project.