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Cyril Holm

Title: LL.D. in Jurisprudence
Telephone: +46 8 16 23 03
E-mail: cyril.holm@juridicum.su.se

Cyril’s primary field of interest is legal philosophy. Nevertheless, he also holds degrees in history of science and ideas, as well as business and economics, and he engages with law and economics (in particular on issues of legislation), as well as with the intellectual history of law. Cyril started his career in tech and architecture, and he is involved in several research projects together with the “Live-In Lab” at The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He teaches jurisprudence, law and tech, law and economics, legal history, research ethics, and basic normative- and metaethics.

In 2019/20 he was The Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellow in Law at The University of Oxford, affiliated to Christ Church College. He is currently holding a 2-year post-doc at The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute. The project “Law, Singletons, and Leviathan: Legal Values and Civic Virtues under Computer-Optimized Economic Output” is funded by the Wallenberg Foundations.  The project is at the intersection of law, philosophy, tech, and future studies, and the research is a collaboration between researchers at Stockholm University, University of Oxford, and The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.