Final seminar with Stanley Greenstein, December 15, 2016

Stanley Greenstein presents his forthcoming dissertation, with the working title ‘Predictive Modelling in a Legal Context’.

Date: 15 December 2016.
Time: 10:00-12:00.
Place: Faculty Room, 8th floor, Department of Law, South House C, Frescati Campus.

Individuals are spending an increased portion of their lives within the digital environment, with the Internet and social media the catalysts in this regard. The by-product of this on-line activity is big data. Predictive modelling is a technology based on statistics, mathematics, machine learning and artificial intelligence that analyses big data, identifying knowledge that is invisible to human beings. This knowledge is built into models, which have the ability to identify and predict human behaviour. They determine the music we listen to (Spotify), the news feeds we receive (Facebook), the pictures we see (Instagram), the perfect love match (dating sites), the job search (job recruitment agencies), the diagnosis of disease (IBM Watson) and whether we will be granted a bank loan (credit agencies). This technology is a powerful tool and for all the associated benefits, there are risks, the main one being the loss of human autonomy. This dissertation investigates the potential legal harms resulting from the use of predictive models in the relationship between commercial actors and individuals. It examines how the legal regime of data privacy (data protection and human rights) addresses the negative effects of this technology and suggests complimentary ways in which to empower the individual.

Opponent: Mark Klamberg.
Supervisor: Peter Wahlgren.
Deputy-Supervisor: Jussi Karlgren.

Please register no later than 7 December on the following link:

A shorter text will be made available to participants who have registered for the seminar. Should you have any queries, please contact Stanley on


Stanley Greenstein, Peter Wahlgren and Jussi Karlgren


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