Conference: Law in the Digital Era, University of Lapland, Dec 10-12, 2017

Digitalization and digital technologies are increasingly driving towards revolutionary changes in the innovation system, affecting industries, universities and public institutions. Big data, 3D printing, software and AI technologies are pushing corporations towards adapting or newly creating business models to cope with the digital disruption. The problem is certainly not only technological or economic but also legal. Indeed, the regulatory framework needs to be shaped in such way that it provides with a fertile and healthy soil for these technological innovations to grow. This conference brings together experts from the academia, industry, as well as policy makers in a joint effort to raise awareness and propose solutions to some of the key legal disruptions that digitalization is causing in the fields of intellectual property law, contract law and ICT law.

Date: 10-12 December 2017
University of Lapland

Source: Conference: Law in the Digital Era – Lapin yliopisto – University of Lapland – Lapplands universitet

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