SubTech Conference 2018 | University of Tartu

The IT Law Programme at the University of Tartu will host the biannual SubTech Conference 2018. Every two years since 1990, the SubTech conference has brought together scholars and practitioners interested in the the impacts of technology on legal practice and education (both broadly defined). SubTech is unique among the ever-growing field of conferences and events at the intersection of law and technology not only for its relatively vintage origins, but also for its attention to the technology of law, as opposed to the law of technology. SubTech is informal and organized around participation; it is a multidisciplinary and collaborative forum for sharing best practices, finding new collaborators, and learning about the legal applications of emerging technologies.

Participation in SubTech is free and by invitation only; those interested in participating are invited to contact with a CV and an expression of interest.

When: July 12-14, 2018
Where: Tallinn, Estonia

Source: SubTech Conference 2018 | Faculty of Law

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