GDPR – Annual conference of the Privacy & Identity Lab, Dec 7, 2017

The PI.lab conference 2017 takes the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as its starting point. The GDPR obliges organisations to rethink their privacy strategy. Data subjects can exercise new rights, controllers and processors have additional obligations. New challenges will arise, such as offering transparency in algorithms and being aware of ethical considerations. Digitisation of relations continues in almost all spheres of daily life, from smart cities to new opportunities for law enforcement agencies. These are challenges that require dedicated effort. They need critical reflection and debate. They need to be investigated on how they offer new opportunities as well. Opportunities that may be of benefit to organisations, that help creating business value. The conference will present and discuss results and new challenges, in keynotes and workshops.

When: 7 December 2017, 13.00 – 17:30 hrs
Where: Vergader- en conferentiecentrum ‘In de Driehoek’, Willemsplantsoen 1C, 3511 LA Utrecht

More information: Flyer PI.lab conference 7 December 2017 – A5

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