50 Years of Law and IT

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute 1968-2018

In November 2018, IRI celebrated its 50th anniversary. To highlight this, a new volume in the series Scandinavian Studies in Law has been published. 50 Years of Law and IT presents 24 newly written articles by Scandinavian authors contributing their expertise on specific topics related to Law and IT. The articles are arranged under the subheadings Regulatory Techniques, Data Protection, Administration, Automation and Intellectual Property. The contributions do not exclusively address single issues. In line with the understanding of legal informatics as an interdisciplinary field of research, both regulative and substantive IT-related matters come to the fore. The table of content is available here http://www.scandinavianlaw.se/index.php?page=index-database

50 Years of Law and IT (Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 65, Stockholm, 2018, 444 pages) can be ordered from:
Jure Bokhandel
E-mail: order@jure.se
Address: Artillerigatan 67, SE-114 45 Stockholm, Sweden


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