Seminar with IRI’s associate Professor Dan Svantesson, Apr 29, 2016

Internet Jurisdiction – time to reform both public, and private, international law

 When: April 29 at 11:00-13:00
Where: Rättegångssalen, 4th floor, House C, South Complex, Frescati, Stockholm University

Currently, questions around Internet jurisdiction are gaining an unprecedented level of attention. Yet, progress is both slow and limited. The most significant obstacle for progress is found in the fact that our current thinking on jurisdiction is largely dominated by, and rooted in, notions of territoriality. In our current paradigm, the territoriality principle represents the jurisprudential core of our thinking on jurisdiction – a State has jurisdiction over all that occurs in its territory for the simple reason that it occurs in its territory. But as is well-known, it is not always easy – or indeed possible – to determine where (in real space geographical terms) events take place online. Read more.

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