IRI participate in two new projects funded by KTH’s strategic research area ICT – The next generation

IRI’s co-workers are engaged in two projects recently funded by the Royal Institute of Technology’s (KTH)strategic research area ICT-The next generation, which also includes Stockholm University.

DataLEASH: Leaming And SHaring under Privacy Constraints. The research objective is to develop and analyze data analysis tools with disclosure control based on provable guarantees, for learning and sharing in an adversarial setting, both in terms of theoretical results and application to concrete scenarios. Concretely, this means privacy risk assessment (metrics, methodology, legal constraints) and privacy-preserving learning (mechanisms, privacy-utility trade-off).

EXTREME: Explainable and Ethical Machine Leaming for Knowledge Discovery from Medical Data Sources. This project involves the use of historical medical data and accompanying predictive models in order to predict illnesses in humans in advance and thereby allow for preventive medical actions, SU addressing the legal and ethical considerations.

SU’s Project leader and contact person at the Law department for DataLEASH is Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg. SU’s Project leader and contact person at the Law department for EXTREME is Stanley Greenstein.

The projects will in a first phase run for one year and the Law department has for this purpose received SEK 1.410.000. Both projects may thereafter be prolonged in a second phase, which in addition to the first year will last four years. Prolongations are depending on reviews that will take place end of 2019.

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