Digital Law Center Webinar | Fighting Against Online Hate Speech: What to Expect from Social Media Platforms?, Sep 24, 2020

Calls for changes to the regulatory paradigm for content moderation on social media platforms have been growing recently. One such proposal comes from the 2019 Israel Democracy Institute (IDI)/Yad Vashem Recommendations for Reducing Online Hate Speech, which consists of a list of measures formulated by an international team of researchers working under the guidance of senior human rights experts (including serving U.N. rapporteurs and past and present U.N. treaty body members) and under the coordination of Prof. Yuval Shany who coordinated the process of formulating the recommendations on behalf of IDI. The webinar will present the recommendations and discuss more generally about the challenges of online hate speech and social media platforms. The event will be held on September 24, 2020, and is free of charge (upon online registration).

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