Stockholm Explorative Talks On-stage, Sep 23, 2021

IRI:s co-worker Stanley Greenstein will talk at Stockholm Explorative Talks On-stage on Sep 23 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm
(The Royal Hall). The event brings together scholars from different disciplines, representing all the 18 universities of Stockholm.

The 18 scholars – who we call The Explorers – will engage each other in an interaction that will see them exchange interdisciplinary perspectives on present issues confronting the planet.

This year’s curators, Gustav Borgefalk and Elisabeth Ericson, will steer an exploration of the theme, ‘Challenges’, which will try to locate new intersectional ideas and insights in the conversations happening on stage. 

To make the discussion freewheeling and encourage spontaneous ideas, The Explorers come totally unrehearsed and meet each other for the first time on stage!

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