Exposing Natural Language Models – A Threat to Higher Education?, Oct 28, 2021

Natural language models are a technology associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are increasingly being used within society to perform various tasks. While traditional tasks include spelling auto-correct, audio-to-text conversion, speech recognition and machine translation, the models are becoming increasingly powerful and their sphere of operation increasingly wider. These models are able to identify patterns and hidden insights in data sets too large for humans to manage. While these models can be put to good uses, such as extracting insights from health data, in the wrong hands or used for unintended purposes, they potentially also pose a danger to society.

This seminar is arranged by the DHV-hub at Stockholm University. The DHV seminars are inter-disciplinary in nature, and are open to all scholars interested in digital artefacts and environments and their significance for society and humanity.

Date and time: 28th October 2021, 10:00-12:00, Online

Source and more information: https://su.powerinit.com/Modules/Campaign/Newsletter.aspx?n=16884&e=stanley.greenstein@juridicum.su.se&r=1767695&h=28F01931E0E0BAD8C8FA43BDFB0A6B04

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