Helena Andersson
Unit for Information Security, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Johan Axhamn
LL.D. in Intellectual Property Law

Martin Brinnen
Lawyer, the Swedish Data Protection Authority

Jonas Ekfeldt
LL.D. in Law and Information Technology

Patricia Jonason
LL.D. in Public Law and Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Södertörn University

Ubena John
LL.D. in Law and Information Technology, Judge of the High Court of Tanzania

Mark Klamberg
LL.D. in Public International Law and University Lecturer, Stockholm University

Nicklas Lundblad
Ph.D. in Applied Information Technology and Policy Manager, Google

Lydia Lundstedt
LL.D. in Private Law

Staffan Malmgren
Project Manager,

Patricia Mindus
Associate Professor and University Lecturer in Practical Philosophy, Uppsala University

Fredrik Sandberg
Doctoral Candidate in General Private Law, SCCL, Stockholm University

Dan Svantesson
Professor, Faculty of Law, Bond University

Sanna Wolk
Associate Professor in Private law, Uppsala University

Louise Yngström
Professor of Computer and Systems Sciences in Information Systems Security, Stockholm University