Reduced and Simplified Reporting Requirements on Businesses

Prof. Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, IRI’s Board Member and Inquiry Chair, presented a final report  on Reduced and Simplified Reporting Requirments on Businesses to the Swedish government on March 30. The report has already resulted in e-government services. More information.

Crowdsourcing Legislation Conference successfully completed

IRI and the International Association of Legislation (IAL) hosted a conference on March 12 at Stockholm University on the theme Crowdsourcing Legislation: New Ways of Engaging the Public. Special thanks to all speakers and commentators for contributing to a successful conference. The conference will be followed up with a special issue in the journal The Theory and Practice of Legislation.

Dissertation with Doctoral Student Ubena John

IRI’s Doctoral Student Ubena John will defend his thesis on March 11, 2015, at 10-14 in Nordenskiöldssalen (Geovetenskapens hus, hus U), Stockholm university. The subject of his dissertation paper is How to regulate information and communication technology? A Jurisprudential Inquiry into Legislative and Regulatory Techniques. More information and abstract.

IRI joins the Network of Centers (NoC)

We are happy to announce that IRI has become a member of the Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centers (NoC). NoC is a collaborative initiative among academic institutions with a focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications, and legal issues concerning the Internet. Read more on

Horizon 2020 – project application SCRUTINY

IRI has submitted a project application for EU’s research program Horizon 2020 together with an international research consortium. The aim of the project is to develop a secure mechanism for management of personal data. The project, called SCRUTINY (Secure virtual environment for data harvesting and analysis), is expected to last five years on a budget of 8 million Euros.

Final Seminar with Doctoral Student Ubena John

Ubena John, Doctoral Student at the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute, will hold the final seminar of his doctoral project “How to Regulate Information and Communication Technology” on December 16, at 14-16 in Fakultetsrummet (Faculty room), 8th floor, House C, Frescati Campus, Stockholm University.

Half Time Seminar with Doctoral Student Stanley Greenstein

Stanley Greenstein, Doctoral Student at the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute, will present his doctoral project in Law and Information Technology on December 3, at 10-12 in Fakultetsrummet (Faculty room), 8th floor, House C, Frescati Campus, Stockholm University. More information.

IRI researcher receives Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship research grant

Dan Svantesson, researcher at the Institute, has been awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship research grant to investigate the jurisdictional complexity of the Internet.

The research project will focus on Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 and geo-location technologies, and is a four-year international collaboration with Stockholm University, Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Oslo. The aim of the project is to identify principles to govern jurisdictional claims over Internet conduct and to produce a set of model laws.

IRI forskare befordrad till professor!

Dan Svantesson, forskare i rättsinformatik vid institutet, har blivit befordrad till professor vid den juridiska fakulteten på Bond University, Australien. “Dan commenced at Bond in 2004… Since that time he has build up a substantial body of work in Information Technology Law, and most recently in geo-location and geo-identification. He has been particularly active in law reform work, especially with the Australian Privacy Foundation.” (Dean, Faculty of Law, Bond University)

Dans aktuella forskningsprojekt vid Stockholms universitet är Data protection in global networks – a comparative study between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.